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Before you join CMA Inter

Every term I see students of CMA Inter get confused whether to give one group or both the groups.


Many start their classes with both the groups but end up giving only one group or no group due to syllabus pressure.
Ultimately, many students tend to quit the course and start taking up a mediocre job and then the life continues with it.


Remember that –

“If you keep on doing what you had already done, you will keep on getting what you had already got. To get something extra, Plan and do something extra.”


Following are to be taken care of just at the time you decide to join CMA Inter.


1. Always start your classes at earliest possible – Ideal time being Nov for June exam and May for Dec Exam, whereas the practice is to start classes from Late Jan and Late July respectively. I have bitter experience of enrolling students in Mid Feb and Mid Aug. Remember the pressure is not only on the students but also on us to teach and allocate classes.



2. Choose your tuition based on some parameters than herd walk
Select a teacher who helps you to pass from his varieties of facilities – like back ups, doubt sessions, information availability, exhaustive study materials, study materials that cover extra topics of your course, motivation, real life applications.

For instance, there are many extra chapters in Cost, FM, Accounts and Tax subject which are usually not taught in every coaching classes, as most are crowded with CA students. You should find out whether all those would be covered or not.

High Fees, Crowded Class rooms, Branded Name, or friends joining in group are not meant to be the reasons of choice. The most important is how much your teacher is available for you. Can you talk and resolve your queries with your teacher? Your teacher is the guide and many a times you need to speak to assure whether you are in right direction.


3. Complete the classes for both groups together – -Take 3 months of self study time and give exam directly with both groups. Appearing both groups together gives you more overall confidence over the subjects, increases the passing chances to more than 50% due to set off benefit and if your exam goes little above the average, you may get an all India Rank.


4. Travel Less from tuition to tuition –
Travelling from one tuition to another almost drains out all the energy. Before finishing class at one place, the mind starts thinking of reaching another place. In a 12 hrs day, you are only travelling for 4 hours. Can you imagine? Try to have all your classes in close vicinity.

You may try online classes or Direct to Home Classes that can be availed without internet facility.


5. Complete 100% of your course by hook or by crook – I had been also observing that most of the students, have don’t complete their course inspite of starting earlier due to clashes of timings with other teacher’s extra classes and also due to stress of too many classes since a continuous period.

If you don’t complete the course, you would be afraid of the question paper. It is very much required to get rid of that fear.

Watch my video on youtube to gather more facts: How to Pass CMA EXAM


September 12, 2016

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