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Our 2 by 2 Excel Certification Programme 

excel hierarchy


The cycles are independent of one another.

Each Session is of 5 hours conducted every Saturday from 2pm to 7.30pm appx.

Minimum one cycle is to be enrolled.

You can participate only if you can bring your own laptop to practice in the sessions.

The sessions are right now conducted in Live Mode only at our Learning centre in Kolkata. Check Address here.


 Course Highlights

  1. Training by Experts

  2. Practice during the sessions

  3. Solve Case Studies

  4. Reference Study Materials

  5. Shortcuts to make you super fast

  6. Online Test after completing the sessions

  7. Certification

Topics Covered

Basic Level 

Cycle 1 :

Mathematical Functions, Formatting, Autofill, Formatting Date, Text, Numbers, Rounding, Hyperlink, Group-Ungroup, Freeze Panes, Networkdays, Paste Special, Saving

Cycle 2 :

Cell referencing, Concatenate / And, Commenting, Sumproduct, Cell Naming, Printing, Data Validation, Len, Trim, Clean, Insert Symbols & Objects, Statistical tools, Financial tools, Goto-Special

Advanced Level 

Cycle 1:

Sorting, Filter, Removing Duplicates, Conditional Formatting, Text to columns,  Right, Left, Permutation-Combination, COUNTs, COUNTIFs, Protect-Unprotect Data & Sheets, Pivot Table

Cycle 2:

OR, AND, IF, SUMIFs, Subtotal, Vlookup, Hlookup, Insert Charts & Graphs, Insert Shapes, Insert SmartArt, Ifs, Basic Macros, Goal Seek.


Course Mechanism


excel process

1. Take a Free Preliminary online test before enrolment.

2. Enrol in any one cycle of Basic or Advanced Level as per your availability matching to our course calendar. 

3. Register online or pay at our office.

4. Attend the two sessions to complete one cycle.

5. Appear for an online test.

6. Get awarded with a certificate.

7. Enroll for the other cycle of the Basic or Advanced level.


Once you complete both the cycles of Basic and Advanced Level, you get equipped with an experience of atleast 5 years of thorough working on Ms excel. 


Course Schedule and Fees upto August 2016

Excel Calendar revised


Watch out this area again for updated schedule after August.

Note that, by clicking on Take This Course Button on the right hand side of this page, you would be enrolled for Advanced Level.

To enroll for Basic Session, Click here.

EXCEL Proficiency Test

This is a preliminary test to help you decide your present proficiency in Ms Excel.


If your score is less than 30 in this test, you should avail our Basic Level Training in order make yourself feel comfortable in Ms Excel. However, you can also enroll for advanced level course at a score below 30 if you are not able to schedule your calendar for our Basic Course. It is strongly recommended to attend the basic sessions even at a later stage.


For score of 30 or above, you must join our Advanced Training Module to climb the zenith of  excellence in MS Excel.


Sign up into our website to be eligible to take the test.


Click on the Button Below to Take the Excel Proficiency Test Now –


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Course Curriculum

Preliminary Test
Ms Excel Preliminary Test 00:20:00

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