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This is an exhaustive amendment course for CA Final Examinees of Nov 2016 and onwards.

Have You Studied Costing from Videos? or 

If you have taken tuition before 2015 – 

This is the best solution for you to fill the gap. Valid for all subsequent exam terms.

After attending this course, we bet, Costing wouldn’t be a fear for you.

It’s going to be very easy to score an exemption in this subject.

Review by our student – Nitish Gupta (Hyderabad) –

I studied revision and amendment classes from pen drive. Your guidance gave loads of confidence and...Read more

Nitish Gupta

CA Final Student


As per latest ICAI Mat, major New Concepts have been introduced in Management Accounting / Costing part through a series of new sums.

The main aim of this course is to help you to pass with excellence in marks.

There are two aspects to pass any exam – Subject Knowledge and Exam Knowledge. If you are weak in anyone, it is difficult to pass.

With thorough research, the curriculum of this programme has been designed to cover specifically-

The Exam Knowledge

How to read new or lengthy questions faced first time in exam

How to decide to attempt the questions in exam

Presentation required by the examiners

Time Management tricks

Speed Management tricks

How to revise everything the day before.


Additional Benefit – Online Mock Test – Covering Conceptual and Exam Relevant Questions.

Why to Make Your Exam Term a Mock when we are already giving you a Mock Test!

What you get in this course?

  • 16 Lectures @ 3 hrs each approx in a Pen Drive
  • Separate Study Material
  • Free Access to Online Mock Test Series


The course is not intended to cover 100% syllabus of the exam. It is only aimed to fill the gap by touching all critical segments in each chapter. However, you are always free to ask queries from any portion of the syllabus on our CA Course Forum in the resources section of the website or you can take a prior appointment by mailing us to talk to Sir directly to resolve your queries.

Details of Topics covered in this Course as per INSTITUTE Syllabus – 

Minute to Minute Revision Class Coverage of CA Final Costing Course by SJC 
ClassChapter - Concept
1Amendments and Revisions Agenda
Smart Work 1 - Three tier Preparation Model
Smart Work 2 - Secret of Recaptulation
Just in Time- Road Map and Features
Back Flush System - Scheme of Journal Entries as per Variant 1 and Variant 2
How to Find time for Revision
2JIT - Purchase and Production System
JIT - Lean Production System
Non Linear Programming - Role of Calculus in Pricing - Solving without Calculus
3Non Linear Programming - Use of Derivatives and Equillibrium Concept
Non Linear Programming - Summarisation of Calculus Approach
Transfer Pricing - Why Transfer Pricing is required
Transfer Pricing - Use of Calculus in Transfer Pricing Computation
Transfer Pricing - Goal Congruency Concept - Evaluation of Transfer and Minimum Price Cases
4Transfer Pricing -Solution of Concept Questions of Goal Congruency Concept
Transfer Pricing - International Transactions Effect
5Transfer Pricing - Strategy Based Questions
Transfer Pricing - Road Map and Summarisation
Responsibility Accounting and Standard Costing Profit Reconciliation Concept Understanding
6Standard Costing - Comparative Study of Sales Value and Sales Margin Variance including Market Size and Share Variance
Standard Costing - Cost Variances with Marginal and Apsorption Approach in Fixed Overheads
Standard Costing - Profit Reconciliation as per Absorption and Marginal Approach
Standard Costing - Selling Cost Variances
7Standard Costing - Selling Cost Variances
Standard Costing - Critical Success Factors
Standard Costing - Planning, Operating and Traditional Variances
Standard Costing - New Concept of Investigation of Variances
Standard Costing - Motivation on Topic
Standard Costing - New Concept - McDonaldisation
Standard Costing - Road Map and Summarisation
Standard Costing - WIP Effect on Cost Variances
Standard Costing - Variances in Ratio or Percentage Form
8Standard Costing - Effect of Single Plan and Partial Plan
Profitability Analysis - Growth, Price, Productivity Effect with Product Differentiation and Cost Leadership
Budgetary Control - Responsibility Variances
9Budgetary Control - Responsibility Variances
Budgetary Control - Functional Budgets and Budget with Reorder Level of Materials
Budgetary Control - Road Map
Learning Curve - Concept of Chapter
Learning Curve - Sensitivity Analysis with Learning Rate
10Learning Curve - Variance Analysis with Learning Curve
Life Cycle Costing - Sums on Profitability, Life Cycle Investment and Learning Curve Effect
Life Cycle Costing - Road Map
Activity Based Costing - Concept and BEP Computation
Activity Based Costing - with DPP and CPA
11Activity Based Costing -Sums of DPP and CPA
Activity Based Costing - Road Map
Target Costing - Road Map
Target Costing - All Concepts-including Value Analysis, Value Engineering, Value Chain, Supply Chain, Vertical Integration
Balanced Score Card and Throughput Accounting - Reference
Decision Making - Break Even Analysis in different situations -Slab FC, Multi Products, Potential BEP, Pb Based
12Decision Making - Break Even Analysis in different situations -Slab FC, Multi Products, Potential BEP, Pb Based
Decision Making- Break up of Total Cost
Decision Making - Indifference Point Analysis
Decision Making - Shut Down Point
Decision Making - How to prepare for exam
Decision Making - Road Map
13Decision Making - Relevant Costing Basics and Road Map
Decision Making - How to Identify the Approaches to be Applied in Problems
Decision Making - Key Factor Decision Making Road Map
Decision Making - Key Factor - Incremental Ranking of Products
Decision Making - Make or Buy Decision Concepts
14Decision Making - Sub Contracting Decision Concepts with Incremental Fixed Costs Questions
Decision Making - How to Revise Decision Making
Decision Making - Export Offers
Reference to Revision Check List
Total Quality Management Road Map
QT Road Map
Simulation - Main Concept
15Simulation - Stock Situations
Project Management - Road Map
Project Management - Concept of Total Float, Free Float, Independent Float
Project Management - Updating the Network
How to complete the paper
Project Management - Crashing Concepts
16Linear Programming - Primal and Dual
Linear Programming - Simplex - Interpretation Based Questions - Logic of steps
Linear Programming - Assignment - Logic of Steps
Solving Assignemnt by Transportation Method
Solving Transportation by Assignment Method
How to take benefits from these videos and Secrets of Passing the Exam

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FACTS for Pen Drive Classes

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-If you are in a different city, you just need to book the class. We will ship the pen drives and hardcopy of study materials at no extra shipping cost.

– For queries while studying in pen drive classes, you will have to utilise our Course Forum in Resources Section of the website where your queries would be answered within 24 hours, or you can make a list of queries and settle it by meeting Sir personally or over the phone call.

  • System Specification – In some computers Windows 10 may not be able to play our videos. Use lower versions.

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Course Curriculum

Profitability Analysis
Uniform Costing and Inter Firm Comparison
Transfer Pricing
Service Sector - Utility Service Agency
Standard Costing
Developments in Business Environment
Non Linear Programming
Tricky Simulations
Life Cycle Costing
Just in Time
Simplex Method
Sensitivity Analysis in LP
Crashing of a Project

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