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What is it?

  • An online Course for accessing the Amendment Classes of CA Final – SFM – New Syllabus.

  • This course is aimed to cover all new topics in SFM as per Latest ICAI Mat.

  • This is just an add on and not the full course on SFM.

  • It is for the students who have done common topics of Old and New Syllabus.

  • Click on the Course Curriculum Menu to view the course details.

How to access this course?

  • The course can be accessed on our website only through an internet connection.

  • You can access the website either on your computer / tablet / mobile devices.

  • The best part is that there is no minimum configuration for your devices. The videos streams seamlessly even in normal Mobile data packs.

If you wish to learn through this course, Login/Signup to our website first and then proceed like normal online transaction, by clicking on “Take This Course” button.

Why the Online Mode?

  • The new syllabus amendments are majorly focussed on theoritical topics and modern financial avenues.

  • Moreover, the additions in new syllabus are expected to be dynamic. It is never feasible for a Finalist to go to physical classes again or if you are studying through pen drive mode, to take the classes again and request for passwords. We will add the new video files here only with all the required resources, so that you can easily access those from anywhere at anytime.

How to get the Study Material?

  • All the contents taught here are from ICAI Mat and an organised notes on it will be dictated in videos for taking as class notes.

  • As a student of ICAI, you will get the material from ICAI or you may be required to buy it in hard copy from –

  • For your reference, as soon as you will subscribe to this course, you will get the access to download the ICAI Material Soft Copy, with all the class markings done during the course.

A pledge for Integrity

We expect you to act in professional integrity to do these classes, without resorting to any means of piracy.

Any incident of willful unethical act with the video files would not only debar you from the access of the course updates permanently but also all benefits of being an SJCian would lapse. It should be noted that the noticeable incidents may bring you into legal consequences as well.

We need your help to make learning easily accessible for all.

Course Curriculum

Exam Orientation
Skill level based checking in CA New Syllabus 00:17:00
Securitisation 1 01:24:00
Securitisation 2 01:20:00
International Finance Centre
International Finance Centre 00:32:00
Islamic Finance
Intro and Principles of Islamic Finance 00:25:00
Riba – Interest 00:25:00
Mudarabah – Venture Capital 00:07:00
Musharaka – Partnership 00:05:00
Musharaka – Home Loan 00:08:00
Sukuk – Bonds 00:03:00
Ijarah – Lease 00:10:00
Murabaha – Cost Plus Contract 00:06:00
Istisna – Manufacturing Finance 00:05:00
Salam – Forward Contract 00:05:00
Recap – Islamic Finance 00:11:00
Risk Management
Risk Management 1 01:23:00
Risk Management 2 01:04:00
Interest Rate Risk Management
Interest Rate Futures 01:51:00
Questions on Interest Rate Futures 00:34:00
Interest Rate Swaps 01:20:00
Swaptions 00:20:00
Different Types of Interest Rate Risk 00:23:00
Startup Finance
Essence of Startup 00:32:00
Five Stages of Startup Finance 00:30:00
Composition of Venture Capital Financing 00:32:00
Modus Operandi of Venture Capital 00:47:00
Valuation and Degree of Holding by Venture Capital 00:31:00
NPV of Startup by Venture Capital 00:14:00
Different modes of Venture capital financing 00:05:00
Startup Finance – ICAI Go through 00:52:00
Small and Medium Enterprises
Small and Medium enterprises 01:09:00
Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds – REIT and INVIT 00:18:00
Regulators of Financial Market
PFRDA 00:13:00
Summary of Bond Valuation 00:43:00
Summary of Equity Analysis Part A 00:24:00
Summary of Equity Analysis Part B 00:43:00
Technical Analysis Charts 01:52:00
Exponential Moving Average – Technical Analysis 00:26:00
Forward Rate Agreement 00:28:00
Financial Swaps Concept Recall 00:35:00
Binomial Model – Options Valuation 00:20:00
Derivatives – Put Call Parity Theory 00:26:00
Summary of Portfolio – Modern Portfolio Theory 00:29:00
Summary of Portfolio – Capital Market Theory 00:53:00
Summary of Forex – Part 1 00:31:00
Summary of Forex – Part 2 00:20:00
Summary of Forex – Part 3 00:17:00
Summary of Forex – Part 4 00:22:00

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