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What it is?

Objective Questions are attractive but at the same time they are tricky.

From analysis of past papers of CS Executive Cost Accounting exam, it is a well known fact by now that to score well in this paper, you need to have a thorough knowledge of concepts and practice of objective questions.

Our Top Scorer – 82 Marks in CS Executive Cost Accounting –  Meghna Agarwal

Its a myth that superficial learning would do for Cost. What's actually required is a thorough...Read more

Meghna Agarwal

CS Executive - 82 Marks in Costing

Sections in the Test Series

This is an Online Exclusive Test Series for CS Executive – Cost Accounting Exam based on the past papers and expected questions created by Satish Sir.

Level 1 – Basics  – 50 Marks – 100 Minutes – Two Retakes

Basics, Material Cost, Labour Cost, Overhead Cost

Level 2 – Methods of Costing – 50 Marks – 100 Minutes – Two Retakes

Job, Batch, Contract, Operating, Process, Joint Products, Reconciliation, Non Integrated and Integrated Accounting, Activity Based Costing and Cost Audit.

Level 3 – Management Accounting – 50 Marks – 100 Minutes – Two Retakes

Standard Costing, Marginal Costing, Budgeting, Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements – Ratio Analysis and Fund Flow & Cash Flow Statement

Level 4 – Mixed Bag – 100 Marks – 180 Minutes – Two Retakes

Full Syllabus

How it works?

Step 1:

Register to the course by clicking on “Take This Course” Button on the right sidebar and proceeding ahead like you do any e-commerce transaction.

After completion of the transaction, the process will bring you back to the Course page and the Take This Course button would change to “Start Course” button.

Step 2:

Meanwhile prepare yourself for any section of the series or if you are prepared for the test you can start the test immediately for any of the section by clicking on  “Start Course” button.

To take the test later, Login and check “My Courses” in your profile.

Step 3:

Follow the “Quiz guidelines” appearing in the respective test to proceed.

Step 4:

“Submit the test” to check the Auto Evaluated Result instantly. If you are not correct in any of the answer, it will show explanation to that answer. You can print the result and keep it for future reference or can retake the test upto the allowed limit.

Watch this video to see how the quiz works

Personal Message to Students by Satish Sir – 

What’s More?

  • You can check explanations to tricky questions in the result generated after submission of test.
  • You can ask any question in the “Course Forum for CS Students” and get a response.
  • The results will be available with entire question paper into your profile forever.




Course Curriculum

Level 1 - Basics
Cost Accounting – Set A 01:40:00
Level 2 - Methods of Costing
Cost Accounting – Set B 01:40:00
Level 3 - Management Accounting
Cost Accounting – Set C 01:40:00
Level 4 - Mixed Bag
Cost Accounting – Set D 03:00:00

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  1. Cs Executive Cost Accounting online test series


    The questions in the series are very helpful.
    They help us knowing the status of your preparation.
    This works as a reality check .


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