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CMA Inter All Subjects Group 1 Combo - New Syllabus By CA Satish Jalan / CA Amit Bachhawat / CA Abhimannyyu Agarrwal / CA Sanjay Mundhra - June 23

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Course : CMA Inter All Subjects Group 1 Combo - New Syllabus By CA Satish Jalan / CA Amit Bachhawat / CA Abhimannyyu Agarrwal / CA Sanjay Mundhra - June 23

Download Mode: 31,400  ₹28,500/- 

Pendrive Mode: 35,400  ₹32,200/-  

This combo course has been designed as per New Syllabus CMA Inter Grp -1 All  Subjects Exclusively.

Now we have COMBO of CMA Inter Gr-1 All Subjects.

Study NON-STOP with SJCGroup 1 all subjects under a Roof. 

Cost Accounting by CA Satish Jalan Sir,

Business Law & ethics by CA Amit Bachhawat Sir,

Financial Accounting by CA Abhimanyyu Agarrwal Sir, 

Taxation (DT+IDT) by CA Sanjay Mundhra Sir,

Relevant for June 23 attempt.

Available in Download, Pendrive Modes.

SJC is known for its heartful spirit of keeping students as their first priority. 

For CMA aspirants, we are very much committed to cover 100% of their syllabus in all the subjects we teach and our students recognize us for this.

About the Faculty: Cost Accounting subject is taught by Satish Jalan Sir (CA, CMA (UK), CS). He is revered for his forte in Costing and FM.

He simplifies the concepts in a storytelling approach which makes the learning atmosphere fun-loving and light. The concepts delivered in the class are definitely exam focussed as well as they are focused to improve your critical thinking. It also elevates your approach towards your life and its challenges.  

We just never deliver a concept by merely reading the material. It's all by creating a situation and develop your thinking abilities. This prepares you in a manner that you are ever ready for your exams. Though, practice is a must to be able to master the concepts.


About the Faculty: FinanciaAccounting subject is taught by Abhimanyyu Agarrwal Sir (CA).His vision is to help students achieve their Goals, by giving them proper knowledge & skills required to do the same. He has been educating & mentoring students since 2008. Till now more than 2,00,000 

students have been nurtured by him. His mission is to give quality education & handholding to
students in order to make them.

About the Faculty: Taxation (DT+IDT) subject is taught by Sanjay Mundhra Sir (CA,CS,CMA).He is a Tax Expert, self-motivated and committed person who guide students to choose a profession that will give them an advantage in the cut-throat job market He provide inside and out the inclusion of Tax,with legitimate clarification. The structure of his teachings assists students to preserve concepts during the sessions themselves. The most doubtful queries are resolved during the sessions. More than 200 problematic theories are
discussed and solved in the classes. A class in which students can learn quickly and effectively, but at the same time integrate some fun into the class is exactly what happens here. He has a unique way of teaching consists of memory tricks as well as section coding’s and his eminent remembrance ideas help students to retain the concepts. The method that he approaches to teach Income Tax and GST are through songs for his students to grasp the notions faster.


About the Faculty: Business Law and Ethics subject is taught by Amit Bachhawat Sir (CA). His name synonymous with quality teaching is a commerce graduate from St. Xaviers College. A CA and CS himself, 

he has been teaching Law and related subjects since 2001. Among his alumnus are several rank holders. In a career spanning over 21 years he has mentored over 1,00,000 students.
What started off as a personal challenge brought about by the general perception of theory subjects in general & Law in particular as being dull and drab,has revolutionized classroom teaching in Kolkata. He is the pioneer in teaching Law and In other subjects too. He is responsible for the paradigm shift in the perception of a CA coaching teacher as being a transmitter of information (the sage on the stage method) to the students by stimulating their interest in a supposedly “dry” subject.
Not just theoretical training he takes a keen personal interest in grooming students.

Introduction Video of CMA Inter Gr-1 Business Law & Ethics by CA Amit Bachhawat Sir:



CMA Inter Costing Introduction Video:


CMA Inter Financial A/C Introduction Video 


CMA Inter Taxation Introduction Video: 

Course Coverage 

Group 1 All Subjects (except law) of CMA Inter Exam(New Syllabus).

Course Duration 

580 hours (approx)

No. of Lectures 

350 (approx) 

Course Language 

Blend of Hindi and English

Study Materials

All Study Materials will be provided in hard copy.

Cost Accounting/ Taxation/ Financial Accounts


System Requirements for Windows Application

1. Windows 10 & above with the latest updates.

2. Supported on Laptop (64 bit) only. The application will not run on desktops. 

3. 4GB RAM and Minimum 100 MB hard disk space. 

4. Graphic minimum 1.2 GHz driver up to date.

5. Media features and windows media player should be available. 

6. Some AMD processors are not supported.

System Requirements for Android Application

1. Application is supported in Android version 10.0 and above with a minimum of 4 GB RAM.

2. You may also access the application on Android tablets but some models might not be supported. We recommend you to use the application on Android Mobile devices only.

3. iOS/MacBook: This application is not supported in iPhone/iPad/MacBook. However, the windows application can run in a MacBook with Windows OS.

Business Law & Ethics

System requirement for running classes for Desktop or Laptop

 1. Virus Free Laptop or Desktop. (Not available in Mobile) 

 2. OS should be Window 7 and above. (Not available in Mac or Linux) 

 3. Minimum 2 GB RAM required 

 4. Internet connection is needed during software installation and at the time of password collection in every class. 

 5. Classes are allowed to run in a single screen only. (Disclaimer: Software will be permanently blocked. If software found more than one screen or External Screen). 

System requirement for running classes for Mobile App

 1. Available on Android Mobile phones. (Not available in IOS and Windows). 

 2. Android version should be 4.4.4 or above. 


 3. Internet connection is needed.

Unlimited Views Valid till exam term

You can watch the videos an unlimited number of times till your exam term. For example, you have opted for June 23 exam then you can watch the video an unlimited number of times till June 23 exam.

Cost Accounting/ Taxation/ Financial Accounts

Option 1: Telegram Group


Once you enroll for the course, you will be added to our Telegram group of this batch. It is a student group of all the students of the course. You may raise a query among your friends who are always eager to help you and you may also come forward to help them. Your Sir will also be present in the group as a moderator and support our queries in case of need.


Option 2: Book a Call


If you wish to talk to your Sir, book a call with us at our helpline number or take a suitable time to call.

Business Law & Ethics


Email IDamitbachhawatclasses@gmail.com/abtf.classes@gmail.com            


(Working Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM from MON to SAT)                                    

Cost Accounting/ Taxation/ Financial Accounts

Option 1: Raise a Support from your Dashboard

Raise a Support from your dashboard or from My Course Section, after logging into website. We will respond to you within 48 hrs.


Option 2: Email us

All technical queries for playing the classes are to be sent only at care@sjc.co.in.  (Mon to Sat – 10.30 am to 6.30pm). All emails received during off working time, shall be responded on next working day.


Option 3: Contact us


You may contact at our helpline number – 033 4059 3800 (Mon to Sat – 10am to 6pm).


Business Law & Ethics


Email IDamitbachhawatclasses@gmail.com/abtf.classes@gmail.com            


(Working Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM from MON to SAT)                                    

  1. Payment options: You can enroll by online payment only.


GST Invoicing: 

If your fees are being sponsored by any GST registered firm/company, you may choose to avail GST invoicing while making payment.


The onus of availing the credit of GST rests completely on the entity whose detail you furnish.


Refund Policy: 

We strictly follow a No Refund Policy. Confirm carefully before enrolling.


If we are unable to provide you the course then you shall be entitled to refund of your fees subject to convenience charges or other administrative charges as made applicable time to time.

  1. Delivery

    You may wish to choose for –


     a)   Collect from Centre – While booking, select the centre name from where you wish to collect the course package.



     b)   Delivery - We will deliver the package to your address within 7 working days of placing the order, subject to any situation beyond our control or technical challenges.

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