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CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliances Old Syllabus By CA Amit Bachhawat - June 23 (2 Views / Term Wise)


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Course : CMA Final Corporate Laws and Compliances Old Syllabus By CA Amit Bachhawat : June 23 (2 Views / Term Wise)

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This course has been designed as per CMA Final Syllabus Exclusively.

Relevant for June 23 attempt. 

Available in Download Mode.

SJC is known for its heartful spirit of keeping students as their first priority. 

For CMA aspirants, we are very much committed to cover 100% of their syllabus in all the subjects we teach and our students recognize us for this 

Introduction Video of CMA Final Corporate Laws & Compliance by Amit Bachhawat:



Lectures can be played on Computer / Laptop / Android Mobile. It will not Run on Apple Device.


Duration  - 110 Hours Approx.  

System requirement for running classes for Desktop or Laptop

 1. Virus Free Laptop or Desktop. (Not available in Mobile) 

 2. OS should be Window 7 and above. (Not available in Mac or Linux) 

 3. Minimum 2 GB RAM required 

 4. Internet connection is needed during software installation and at the time of password collection in every class. 

 5. Classes are allowed to run in a single screen only. (Disclaimer: Software will be permanently blocked. If software found more than one screen or External Screen).


System requirement for running classes for Mobile App

 1. Available on Android Mobile phones. (Not available in IOS and Windows). 

 2. Android version should be 4.4.4 or above. 

 3. Internet connection is needed.

Each video may be played 2 times (Till exam)


Email IDamitbachhawatclasses@gmail.com/abtf.classes@gmail.com            

(Working Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM from MON to SAT)                                    


Email IDamitbachhawatclasses@gmail.com/abtf.classes@gmail.com             

(Working Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM from MON to SAT)    

You can enroll by online payment only.


GST Invoicing: 

If your fees are being sponsored by any GST registered firm/company, you may choose to avail of GST invoicing while making payment.


The onus of availing the credit of GST rests completely on the entity whose detail you furnish.


Refund Policy: 

We strictly follow a No Refund Policy. Confirm carefully before enrolling.


If we are unable to provide you the course then you shall be entitled to a refund of your fees subject to convenience charges or other administrative charges as made applicable from time to time.

We will deliver the package to your address within 7 working days of placing the order, subject to any situation beyond our control or technical challenges.

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