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CMA Final Combo SPMBV / Cost and Management Audit - New Syllabus By CA Satish Jalan - June 23 (1.5 Views / 2 Years)


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Course : CMA Final Combo SPMBV / Cost and Management Audit - New Syllabus By CA Satish Jalan - June 23 (1.5 Views / 2 Years)

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CMA Final Combo SPMBV and Cost Audit (Regular New Syllabus) course by CA Satish Jalan Sir  

This course has been designed as per CMA Final New Syllabus Examination Exclusively.

Now we have COMBO of CMA Final Cost Management and SPM+BV by CA Satish Jalan Sir.

Relevant for June 23 Attempt.  

SJC is known for its heartful spirit of keeping students as their first priority. 


For CMA aspirants, we are very much committed to covering 100% of their syllabus in all the subjects we teach and our students recognize us for this.


About the Faculty:

SPM BV and Cost Management Audit subject is taught by Satish Jalan Sir (CA, CMA (UK), CS) is revered for his forte in Costing and FM. He simplifies the concepts in a storytelling approach which makes the learning atmosphere fun-loving and light. The concepts delivered in the class are definitely exam focussed as well as they are focused to improve your critical thinking. It also elevates your approach towards your life and its challenges. 


We just never deliver a concept by merely reading the material. It's all by creating a situation and developing your thinking abilities. This prepares you in a manner that you are ever ready for your exams. Though, practice is a must to be able to master the concepts.

Applicable for Jun 23 Dec 23 Exam.


You have to watch these videos to feel what we mean to say about our classes. 


Each subject is valid for 2 year with 1.5 times views per video

Student Review 


Thank you for the warm words. We really feel special to have this kind of review from our student - Our exclusive batch for CMA final SPM BV and Cost and Management Audit - 20A. It will pull you to learn and learn the concepts deeply. 



  • You will be able to activate the subjects at any time you wish to.
  • If you wish to avail of this special benefit, contact us at +918100112222 or care@sjc.co.in

You may watch the lectures on your Windows Laptop or Android Mobile. Please note that you can watch on any one device at a time.


Motorola and rooted android devices are not supported.


Course Coverage

Cost Management and SPM+BV of CMA Final Exam.


No. of Classes

100 Classes (approx)


Course Duration

Cost & Management Audit- 90 Hours (approx)

SPM+BV- 110 Hours (approx)


Course Language

Blend of Hindi and English. 


Study Material

Five Numbers of  Study Material will be Provided in Hard Copy. 

Cost & Audit/ SPM+BV

1Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 & 11 with the latest updates.


2. Supported on Laptop only. The application will not run on desktops. 

3. 4GB RAM and Minimum 100 MB hard disk space. 

4. Graphic card driver up to date.

5. Media features and windows media player should be available. 

6. Some AMD processors are not supported.


SPM+BV / Cost & Audit

You will get 1.5 views for each video. You can watch the videos for 1.5 times as per the video duration. Views depend on the duration of the video which you have watched. If a video is of sixty minutes, you can watch it for ninety minutes by opening it any number of times.


The maximum validity of the course is 2 years from the date when serial key is assigned for your course in your laptop. 

Option 1: Telegram Group

Once you enroll for the course, you will recieve a Start up guide of the course in your registered E-mail ID. You may join the Telegram group of your course by clicking on the link provided in the Start up guide.This is a group of all the students of the course.

You may raise a query among your course mates who are always eager to help you and you may also come forward to help them. Your Sir will also be present in the group as a moderator and support our queries in case of need.


Option 2: Book a Call

If you wish to talk to your Sir, book a call with us at our helpline number or take a suitable time to call.

Option 1: Raise a Support from your Dashboard

Raise a Support from your dashboard or from My Course Section, after logging into website. We will respond to you within 48 hrs.


Option 2: Email us

All technical queries for playing the classes are to be sent only at care@sjc.co.in.  (Mon to Sat – 10.30 am to 6.30pm). All emails received during off working time, shall be responded on next working day.


Option 3: Contact us

You may contact at our helpline number – 033 4059 3800 (Mon to Sat – 10am to 6pm).



Payment options: You can enroll by online payment only.



GST Invoicing: 

If your fees are being sponsored by any GST registered firm/company, you may choose to avail GST invoicing while making payment.


The onus of availing the credit of GST rests completely on the entity whose detail you furnish.


Refund Policy:

1.  Refund application from Parent/Guardian to be submitted stating the reason for seeking refund. The date of submission of written application for refund at the office will be considered for the purpose of calculation of the refund.

2. Refund Policy:- [ From the date of purchase or start of 1st class whichever is later]


Before Starting






100% of Course Fees

90% of Course Fees

75% of Course Fees

50% of Course Fees

25% of Course Fees


*No matter how many number of classes you have seen or not. 

3. All refund amount will be transferred in the bank accounts of student’s account.

We will deliver the package to your address within 7 working days of placing the order, subject to any situation beyond our control or technical challenges.

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