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CMA Inter All Subjects Group 1 Combo - New Syllabus By Satish Jalan / Vishal Bhattad / Vijay Sarda / Shivangi Agarwal / Santosh Kumar - Dec 23

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This Combo course has been designed as per New Syllabus CMA Inter Grp -1 All Subjects Exclusively.

Now we have COMBO of CMA Inter Gr-1 All Subjects.

Study NON-STOP with SJCGroup 1 all subjects under a Roof.

Business Laws and Ethics by CA Shivangi Agarwal Mam,

Cost Accounting by CA Satish Jalan Sir,

Financial Accounting by CA Santosh Kumar Sir, 

Taxation (DT+IDT) by CA Vijay Sarda & CA Vishal Bhattad Sir,

Relevant for Dec 23 attempt.

Available in Download Mode.

SJC is known for its heartful spirit of keeping students as their first priority. 

For CMA aspirants, we are very much committed to cover 100% of their syllabus in all the subjects we teach and our students recognize us for this.

About the Faculty: Costing subject is taught by Satish Jalan Sir (CA, CMA (UK), CS). He is revered for his forte in Costing and FM.

He simplifies the concepts in a storytelling approach which makes the learning atmosphere fun-loving and light. The concepts delivered in the class are definitely exam focussed as well as they are focused to improve your critical thinking. It also elevates your approach towards your life and its challenges.  


We just never deliver a concept by merely reading the material. It's all by creating a situation and develop your thinking abilities. This prepares you in a manner that you are ever ready for your exams. Though, practice is a must to be able to master the concepts.

About the Faculty: Indirect Taxation subject is taught by Vishal Bhattad Sir (CA). He has a teaching experience of more than 10 years and taught more than 30,000 students. He is known as "IDT Guru" due to his tremendous popularity amongst CA, CS, CMA Students. He is one of the prominent faculty.


He is very famous for his interactive teaching style and class notes with the pictorial presentation. He was the choice of 45000+ students in 2016.

About the Faculty: Direct Taxation subject is taught by Vijay Sarda Sir (CA). He is known as CA, CS Tax expert. He is one of the most dynamic and dedicated faculty of Direct Tax.


He teaches Direct Tax and International Taxation for CA Final level and Direct Tax for CA Inter. his teaching career he observed what all confusion students face during pursuing these professional courses which made him realized that it is all because outdated resources those students lived with.

About the Faculty: Business Law and Ethics subject is taught by Shivangi Agarwal Mam (CA). She is an esteemed faculty with tremendous academic record having topped both school & college. She cleared CA in her very first attempt at an early age of 21 and thereafter she is treasuring commerce education with unique presentation on subject matter. Her frequent use of simple examples from daily life not only makes the subject interesting but also easy to remember and grasp..

Introduction Video of CMA Inter Business Laws & Ethics :

Introduction Video of CMA Inter Cost by CA Satish Jalan sir: 

Introduction Video of CMA Inter Indirect Taxation by CA Vishal Bhattad Sir :

Introduction Video of CMA Inter Direct Taxation by CA Vijay Sarda Sir :




Course Coverage 

Group 1 All Subjects  of CMA Inter Exam(New Syllabus).

Course Duration 

580 hours (approx)

No. of Lectures 

400 (approx) 

Course Language 

Blend of Hindi and English

Study Materials 

All Study Materials will be provided in hard copy.

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