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MS Excel with Google Sheets - Basics to Advanced


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Live Webinars - Starting from 12th July 2020, Every Sunday 10.30 am, 11 Sessions with Video Recording.


Google Drive - Recorded batch - avail anytime - 6 months validity, 3 views per video with 3 Live Webinars.


All Reference Material will be shared in soft copy.


Excel is the most important and powerful computer software program used in the workplace today. That's why every professional or executive is required to learn Excel in order to enter or remain in the workplace. Recruiters also prefer candidates having Basic and Advanced Excel knowledge to support their professional knowledge.


It is widely used by businesses, service firms, multinational companies, volunteer groups, private sector organizations, scientists, students, educators, trainers, researchers, journalists, accountants, and others. Microsoft Excel has become a staple tool for end-users and business professionals.


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Today, knowledge of MS Excel is a prerequisite for almost all job positions in the industry in any sector – Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing, Sales, etc. Any academic or professional course is incomplete without the practical knowledge of MS Excel. You would always feel the hard pinch of your ignorance about Excel knowledge when you would see your colleagues outperforming you by applying Excel techniques in their work / output / presentations. 

Learning Excel gives an edge over others and keeps you not one but many steps ahead in the professional world. It improves your Speed, Efficiency, Problem Solving skills, Organisational skills, Presentation skills, Innovative mind, and most importantly your professional growth.


With Google Sheets, you further escalate yourself in working collaboratively on the cloud with a minimum of hassles. Google sheet also reduces the multiplicity of excel files in an office.


Several multinational organizations have already started migrating all its workings on Google widgets. Its high time for any professional now to include in its work style. 

  • 50+  MS Excel Tools/Formulas
  • 90+ MS Excel Shortcuts

  • Access to Free Webinars on other tools, as & when held - for 6 months, if held.

  • Q & A Session - Every Sunday. Details will be shared once registered. 


Session 1:  Mathematical Functions, Formatting Functions and Autofill Series.

Session 2:  Freeze Panes, Formulae Cell Referencing and Rounding Numbers/Values.

Session 3:  Data Filter, Data Sorting, Joining Separate Data and Paste Special.

Session 4:  Printing Techniques & Issues, Vlookup and Hlookup.

Session 5:  Conditional Formatting, Protect-Unprotect Data cells/sheets and Removing Duplicate Entries.

Session 6:  Pivot Table and Data Validation.

Session 7:  Text to Columns, Trimming Data and Extract Text from a Text String.

Session 8:  SUMIFs, Subtotal and Go to Special.

Session 9:  Develop Charts/Graphs and Hyperlinking sheets/files/tabs.

Session 10: Designing Macros, Goal Seek Concept for Business and Nested IFS Formulae.


Application in Google Sheets are also taught. (Please note that this course doesn't cover a detailed application of Google sheets)

No Specifications are needed in your mobile phone or laptop to join the live webminars


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Videos can be played only on Laptop (not on Desktop CPU)


Windows 7 Ultimate,
Windows 8,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 10


If you have been provided a laptop from your office, then ensure that all the above specifications are duly met.


It shall be completely your responsibility to meet the specifications required for playing the videos.

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You will get three views for each video. You can watch the videos for three times as per the video duration. Views depend on the duration of the video which you have watched. If a video is for one hour, you can watch it for three hours by opening it any number of times.


The maximum validity of the course is 6 months from the date when the serial key is assigned for your course on your laptop.

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