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Technical Analysis with Certification Programme


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Technical Analysis Certification


In this competitive era, you need to have an edge over others. This course will add value to your profile tremendously and nevertheless will enable you to become an entrepreneur, a trader.


Course Content: 

1. Price Action system — reading prices on candlesticks

2. Classical charting - Drawing channels and resistances/supports

3. Gap analysis - Using gaps to trade

4. Use of moving averages

5. Use of MACD

6. Use of Stochastic Oscillator

7. Use of RSI

8. Multiple-timeline trading

9. Risk Management

10. Record keeping

11. Combining them and using them the right way to form a strategy

12. How to backtest the system


Starting on 29th July, 2020


Duration: 5 weeks - 2 Classes per week. 

Though the course entitles you to receive a lifetime mentoring with the faculty that enables you to ask any sort of query and to keep growing.


Timing:  Wed and Sat 6pm to 8pm


Mode:  Online streaming live using Google Meet


Video backup : Will be provided through sjc dashboard until the duration of the course


Views: 3 times per video, one view counted on watching 80% of the video.


Certificate: It will be provided by SJC only after completion of the course and a satisfactory score in the final assessment.


Fees: The regular course fees is Rs 58000 but for SJC students, it is Rs 9,000. 

For registration until 20th July, Rs 8,000


Charting software: To be arranged by the participants. Suggested is tradingview.com, investing.com


Device for doing classes: Students can join from any device - mobile/laptop/desktop.

Internet connection needed throughout the session



Once you register, you will receive an email to join a Telegram Group of this batch. There only all the further updates of the batch will be provided.

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