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Microsoft Powerpoint Training


Powerpoint is one of most important tool used for creating presentations, communicating ideas, preparing college projects, preparing learning materials for students, or submitting reports with insights in a logical flow.

Nowadays, it is a must know feature for school students, college students, teachers, public speakers, office executives, managers or self employed professionals. 


This is a basic course on Microsoft Powerpoint that helps you to have an hands on experience with several features and uses of MS Powerpoint.


Once you complete the course, you will be required to appear for an online test. After your evaluation, we will award you with a certificate. You can mention about this certificate in your CV to differentiate your skills over others.


Session 1 - MS PPT - Basic concepts


1.1 MS PPT - New, Duplicate, Reuse, Orientation & Positioning of Slides

1.2 MS PPT - Selecting and Customising PPT Designs

1.3 MS PPT - Creating Slide Sections

1.4 MS PPT - Formatting Text Fields

1.5 MS PPT - Using Comments & its Thread

1.6 MS PPT - Applying Header & Footer


Session 2 - MS PPT - Productivity Tools and Designs


2.1 MS PPT - Inserting & Formatting Text Box

2.2 MS PPT - Linking PPT with existing files, slides, webpages and email addresses

2.3 MS PPT - Inserting & Linking Documents

2.4 MS PPT - Inserting Attractive SMARTART Designs

2.5 MS PPT - Inserting & Formatting Shapes

2.6 MS PPT - Creating Tables

2.7 MS PPT - Applying Attractive Icons

2.8 MS PPT - Drawing and Highlighting


Session 3 - MS PPT - Creativity with Excel, Animations & Transitions


3.1 MS PPT - Creating and Formatting Charts

3.2 MS PPT - Inserting & Linking of Excel Charts

3.3 MS PPT - Inserting Excel Tables

3.4 MS PPT - Applying Transition Designs

3.5 MS PPT - Applying Animation Designs


Session 4 - MS PPT - Other Utilities


4.1 MS PPT - Animating Customised Moving Objects - Motion Path

4.2 MS PPT - Insert Video & Audio Files

4.3 MS PPT - Using Screenshots

4.4 MS PPT - Using Screen Recording

4.5 MS PPT - Adding Notes to Slides for Speaker

4.6 MS PPT - Hiding Slides as per Audience

4.7 MS PPT - Converting to PDF for sharing 


The training reference materials are also provided, which you will be able to download from the Course Drive, once you subscribe.


All sessions are video recorded. Views - 3 times per video and validity - 6 months.



For system, installation, access related queries you can reach us at -

Helpdesk - care@sjc.co.in

Helpline - 033 4059 3800


You need Microsoft Office 2016, 2019 or Office 365 in your pc to have better understanding of this programme. Even lower versions will do, but in that case, you may miss upon certain features as all of the features taught here may not be available in the lower versions.


No Specifications are needed in your mobile phone or laptop to join the live webinars


System Specification for Download Mode


Videos can be played only on Laptop (not on Desktop CPU)


Windows 7 Ultimate,
Windows 8,
Windows 8.1,
Windows 10


If you have been provided a laptop from your office, then ensure that all the above specifications are duly met.


It shall be completely your responsibility to meet the specifications required for playing the videos.

Views and Validity for Download Mode


You will get three views for each video. You can watch the videos for three times as per the video duration. Views depend on the duration of the video which you have watched. If a video is for one hour, you can watch it for three hours by opening it any number of times.


The maximum validity of the course is 6 months from the date when the serial key is assigned for your course on your laptop.

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