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Paper 2 - Business Law + Business Correspondence and reporting -CA Foundation-CA Raghav Sir


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This course has been designed as per CA Foundation Syllabus Exclusively.

Relevant for May 23 attempt. 

Introduction Video of CA Foundation by CA Raghav Goel Sir:

Lectures can be played on Computer / Laptop / Android Mobile. It will not Run on Apple Device.

Number of lectures  -58 (approx)

Duration  - 87 Hours Approx. 

Video Runs on Computer / Laptop / Android Mobile (Video Lectures do not run on Apple Devices)

You may avail the classes by sending your pen drive/HDD or by bringing your laptop to us.

While enrolling to the course, choose – Own Pen drive Option – for availing the classes in your own Pen drive/HDD/Download option.


Else choose – SJC Pen drive Option.

Views and Validity

Unlimited Views Valid till exam term

You can watch the videos an unlimited number of times till your exam term. For example, you have opted for June 22 exams then you can watch the video an unlimited number of times till June 22 exams.

1.5 Views  - 1 Years Validity

You will get 1.5 views for each video. You can watch the videos one point five times as per the video duration. Views depend on the duration of the video which you have watched. If a video is for one hour, you can watch it for one and a half hours by opening it any number of times.

The maximum validity of the course is 1 year from the date when serial key is assigned for your course in your laptop

For Technical Support Call/WhatsApp:- 9811455109, 9354257700 E-mail id:- coceducation.technical@gmail.com For Courier Related Enquiry Call/WhatsApp:- 8595539968 E-mail id:- coceducation.logistics@gmail.com For Academic Query You will get the contact details to raise academic queries once you are registered for this course.

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