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Lectures available in both Android Mobile / Windows Laptop.

Classes Available from 20th of October


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If you are purchasing the course in download mode without books, select the

collect at center mode option otherwise shipping charges will be added.


Watch this intro video to know about this system:


Why Revision System?

With all the recurring challenges being introduced by ICAI in its CA Final New Syllabus SCMPE Subject, you might not have prepared it the right way, even after taking its classes.

Students usually take the classes of this subject in the initial days of their CA Final preparation. Due to several changes brought by ICAI, it is required to study the updated content. But, when the exams are approaching, students may not know how much to study and from where to study the additional content.

The subject now includes a substantial portion of theories in which ICAI expects from a student to cover the points but the point is, students may not know what points to write.

You might have started, but you may not know whether you are on track. Because, during the revision days, you need something that keeps the accountability of what you are learning.

And, here is the solution that you will need.


How it is different from any other revision class? 

You cannot achieve any goal if it is not time-bound.

There is no benefit of studying from video classes at a speed of your choice without understanding anything.

Studying multiple subjects together may lead to a situation where none of the subjects are being completed.

This revision system is for those who wish to complete the entire SCMPE Course in a defined time frame of just 12 effective days. Isn't it amazing?


If you study one subject for full-day continuously, your mind gets sparked up for that subject and you start learning better.


How does it work?

The 11+1 Days System


Step 1: Revise from the video lessons - one chapter in one day - Using our SCMPE Saviour Book

Step 2: Study all the questions from the list of questions provided therein and complete them on the same day - Using our SCMPE Divya Jadi Booti Book

Step 3: Attempt the Recall Quiz at the end of the completion of all the questions on the next day to assess and enhance your retention - Using the Google Form-Based Quiz for each Chapter.

This way, when you continue your learning consistently, you will be able to conquer the subject in just 11 effective days.

The bonus of 1 day is for the strategies to be followed from the next set of revisions until the day of exams.

It works as a system. You will get access to the next chapter only when you have completed the previous one.

So, if you are lazy or if you do not want to get out of your comfort zone, it is not for you.

Join this course only if you hard on your goals.

As a reward for your spirit, we are offering 2 Live Q&A Sessions (in groups) with Satish Sir only for the paid users.

Remember that there will be no second chance like this to complete SCMPE.


No. of Lectures : 

11+1 lectures


Course Duration :

44 Hours Approx


Course Language :

Blend of Hindi and English.


Study Materials :

One Set of CA Final SCMPE Saviour (M.R.P  ₹ 850)
One Set of CA Final SCMPE Divya Jadi Booti (
M.R.P  ₹ 850)

System Requirements for Windows Application

1. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 with the latest updates.

2. Supported on Laptop only. The application will not run on desktops. 

3. 4GB RAM and Minimum 100 MB hard disk space. 

4. Graphic card driver up to date.

5. Media features and windows media player should be available. 

6. Some AMD processors are not supported.

System Requirements for Android Application

1. Application is supported in Android version 4.4 and above with a minimum of 2 GB RAM.

2. You may also access the application on Android tablets but some models might not be supported. We recommend you to use the application on Android Mobile devices only.

3. iOS/MacBook: This application is not supported in iPhone/iPad/MacBook. However, the windows application can run in a MacBook with Windows OS.

Unlimited Views till 21 days.

The course will automatically expire at the end of 21 days and is not extendable under any circumstances.

You may wish to choose for –

(a) Collect from Centre – While booking, select the center name from where you wish to collect the course package.

(b) Delivery - We will deliver the package to your address within 7 working days of placing the order, subject to any situation beyond our control or technical challenges.


Technical Support


Option 1: Raise a Support from your Dashboard

Raise a Support from your dashboard or from My Course Section, after logging into website. We will respond to you within 48 hrs.


Option 2: Email us

All technical queries for playing the classes are to be sent only at care@sjc.co.in.  (Mon to Sat – 10.30 am to 6.30pm). All emails received during off working time, shall be responded on next working day.


Option 3: Contact us

You may contact at our helpline number – 033 4059 3800 (Mon to Sat – 10.30 am to 7pm).

Payment options: You can enroll by online payment only.


GST Invoicing: 

If your fees are being sponsored by any GST registered firm/company, you may choose to avail GST invoicing while making payment.


The onus of availing the credit of GST rests completely on the entity whose detail you furnish.


Refund Policy: 

We strictly follow a No Refund Policy. Confirm carefully before enrolling.


If we are unable to provide you the course then you shall be entitled to refund of your fees subject to convenience charges or other administrative charges as made applicable time to time.

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