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Full recording of Accounts of CBSE Class 11.

Applicable for March 2023 exam.

Class 11 Accountancy by CA/CMA Santosh Kumar.

These Lectures are beneficial for Class 11 CBSE Students.

The topics which will be covered:

- Basic Accounting Terms
- Journal entries 
- Ledger and Trial Balance 
- Accounting For GST
- Subsidiary Book and Cash Book
- Accounting Equations
- Accounting Theory and Procedure
- Bills of Exchange
- Depreciation Accounts
- Bank Reconciliation Statement 
- Rectification of Errors 
- Final Accounts of Sole Proprietorship Firm ( Without Adjustments)
- Final Accounts of Sole Proprietorship Firm ( With Adjustments)
- Provision and Reserve 
- Incomplete records (Single Entry System)
- Computers in Accounting (Follow Class Notes Only)

Available in Download & Pendrive Mode.


You may watch the lectures on your Windows Laptop or Android Mobile. Please note that you can watch on any one device at a time. 


Motorola and rooted android devices are not supported.


Course Coverage

Accounts of CBSE Class 11 Exam.


Course Duration

145 hours



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101 classes


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Blend of Hindi and English. 


Study Material 

All Study Materials will be provided in Hard Copy.



Video Runs on Computer / Laptop / Android Mobile (Video Lectures do not run on Apple Devices)



System Requirements for Android Application

1. Application is supported in Android version 4.4 and above with a minimum of 2 GB RAM.

2. You may also access the application on Android tablets but some models might not be supported. We recommend you to use the application on Android Mobile devices only.

3. iOS/MacBook: This application is not supported in iPhone/iPad/MacBook. However, the windows application can run in a MacBook with Windows OS

Views and Validity


You will get Unlimited views (Till Exam) for each video.



The maximum validity of the course is your Exam Term from the date when the serial key is assigned for your course on your laptop.


You will get the contact details to raise academic queries once you are registered for this course





Call/WhatsApp:- 9811455109, 9354257700

E-mail id:- coceducation.technical@gmail.com



  1. Payment options: You can enroll by online payment only.


GST Invoicing: 

If your fees are being sponsored by any GST registered firm/company, you may choose to avail GST invoicing while making payment.


The onus of availing the credit of GST rests completely on the entity whose detail you furnish.


Refund Policy: 

We strictly follow a No Refund Policy. Confirm carefully before enrolling.


If we are unable to provide you the course then you shall be entitled to refund of your fees subject to convenience charges or other administrative charges as made applicable time to time.


  1. Mode of playing the videos

    The videos can be played from our personalized software having all the latest features to do your course effectively. The installation guide and tutorials of the features of the software are shared along with the course package.

    Though initial configuration, activation of the chapter, and some other features need an internet connection, no internet connection is required for playing the videos. The details of the same are elaborated in the software tutorials.


    Damage or Format of Laptop

    If due to unavoidable reasons, your laptop is damaged or needs to be formatted, you need to raise support with suitable evidence from your dashboard on the website, so that we can assist you to resume your classes.


    Transfer to new Laptop

    We are reluctant to transfer the software to new laptop. However, in case of complete breakdown or laptop being taken over from your office, a reasonable evidence needs to be sent to us to consider your case and transfer the software to new laptop.

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