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 US Certified Management Accountant Exam (US CMA Course) by NAVKAR

             CMA - The career that will make you fly high


About the Course:

1. CMA (Certified Management Accountant), is a designation provided by IMA (Institute of Management Accountant).


2. It is a US-based course existing since 45 Years.


3. The US CMA Course is a globally recognized, advanced-level credential appropriate for accountants and financial professionals in the business.


4. In all, there are 1,00,000 members

around the world and approx 20,000 students appear for the exam every year."


5. Spanned over just 2 exams.


6. CMA’s curriculum uses some of the most advanced testing techniques to test management accounting aspirants all over the world if they’re worthy of the designation CPA.


7. Lakhs of aspirants take US CMA exams every year to grow into Management Accountants, Finance analysts, and many other roles.


Pass only 2 parts and become US CMA within a year

(a) Part-1 Financial Planning, Performance and Analytics

(b) Part- 2 Strategic Financial Management


How many times exam are conducted during a year?

A. Exams held over 6 months every year.


Class Mode:


Classes are provided in Google Drive / Pendrive Mode Or You can also join in Live sessions Daily Monday to Saturday (12 pm to 6 pm).


Course Duration: 

110+ hours.

Study Material:


We will provided Own Mat for Live Classes, and we will provided Wiley Mat (hard copy) & Navkar (soft copy) for Recorded Classes.


1. In all, there are 70,000 members around the world and approximately 8,000 students appear for the exam every year. According to various surveys, the median total compensation of CMAs is 67% higher than that of Non-CMAs


2.  Major Industries where the employability of CMAs are: MNCs, Consulting firms, Financial Services, Investment Banking, etc.


3. Designations that will be offered to candidates after becoming CMA are Cost Accountant, Internal Auditor, Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, CFO, Controller, etc.



The US CMA Exams are administered by IMA, the world’s largest management accounting body. IMA offers membership to all the aspirants successfully clearing 2 CMA exams.

Education qualification required- 12th in commerce stream is required to appear for the US CMA exams but need to complete bachelor's degree within 7 years of passing the exams to meet the requirements for CMA certificate.

It operates in Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac.


You can watch the classes with an Unlimited views and classes will Valid till 1 year from your date of activation.

1. Course Duration: It is a short duration course, can be completed within 6 to 9 months.


2. Classes Duration: (i) Video lectures = depends on your speed. (Speed

Option in video provided up to 2x)

             (ii) Zoom(live) +Video lectures = 1 year.


3. Hours of Classes: 110 hours.


4. Live lectures: Daily Monday to Saturday (12 pm to 6 pm).


5. Mock test: Will be uploaded in the app itself.


6. Extension of the classes: At a nominal price.


7. Classes are provided in GD/PD.


8. Doubts solving procedures: Students can mail their doubts to Navkar and they will arrange the call with faculties to clear their doubts. Facility available throughout the year.

9. Which publisher books do AICPA recommend? 

A. Wiley.


10. Which publisher books do Navkar provide?

A. Own MAT for live classes, and for recorded classes Wiley MAT (hard copy) and Navkar (soft copy).

1. Navkar fee structure without US CMA - membership fee, registration & exam fee. 

=> Video lectures = INR 35,000 (net)

=> Zoom (live)+ Video lectures = INR 59,000 (net)


2. Navkar fee structure with US CMA - membership fee, registration fee & exam fee.

=> IMA = INR 65,000 + above mention fee structure


1. How to obtain The CMA Certificate?


A. To Obtain The CMA Certificate, Candidates Need To Fulfill The

     Following Criteria:


Examination: Clear Part 1 & Part 2 of the CMA exams


Education Qualification: Bachelor’s degree


Note: The education requirement may be completed prior to or within 7 years of passing the examination. This implies that students who are pursuing their bachelor's are eligible to take the CMA exams


Experience: 2 years of professional experience in accounting or finance


Note: The experience requirement may be completed prior to or within 7 years of passing the examination

2. What is the US CMA registration fee?



                              US CMA IMA Registration fees:


Professional Members

Student/Academic Members

IMA membership fee

$245/ INR 18,600

$39   / INR 3,000

Entrance fee(non refundable)

$250/ INR 19,000

$188 / INR 13,700

Exam fee per part

$415/ INR 31,500

$311 / INR 23,600

Note - IMA runs promotions from time to time and your IMA Fees can be reduced by 50%


3. How IMA fees can be waived off?


A. (i) Graduate.

    (ii) Register in Mcom to get it waived.

    (iii) Must be in college.

    (iv) Not be in last semester.

    (v) Write a Letter and get it signed by the College Principal.

    (vi) Letter to be sent in IMA email id. (support and guidance will be

          provided by us).


Note: IMA offers this promo to 10 students per college, but we can't assure you that you will be in those 10 students.

4. Validity of registration?


A. The US CMA aspirants have three years to take both parts of the CMA exam. If you do not complete both the US CMA parts, you have to re-register.

5. Syllabus & the topics covered in part 1 and part 2. 


A. Part 1- Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics consists of various topics of - 

1. External Financial Reporting Decisions,

2. Strategic Planning Budgeting, 

3. Performance Management, 

4. Internal Control and Technology.


Part  2- Strategic Financial Management consists of various topics of - 

1. Financial statement analysis, 

2. Corporate finance,

3. Decision Analysis,

4. Risk Management, 

5. Investment Decisions, 

6. Professional Ethics.


6. (i) Weightage of each topic in Part-1 exam.


A. 1. External Financial Reporting Decisions 15%

2. Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting 20%

3. Performance Management 20%

4. Cost Management 15%

5. Internal Controls 15%

6. Technology & Analytics 15%


    (ii) Weightage of each topic in Part-2 exam.


A. 1. Financial Statement Analysis 20%

2. Corporate Finance 20%

3. Decision Analysis 25%

4. Risk Management 10%

5. Investment Decision 10%

6. Professional Ethics 15%


7. Salary of US CMA?


A. Average salary for CMA fresher would be approximately 2.5 - 3.5 Lakhs INR i.e 20,000- 30,000 pm, after two years it can reach up to 6-8 Lakhs INR depending upon the corporate and academic skills of the candidate.

1. How many papers are there in US CMA?


A. There are only two exam papers -

Part 1 - Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

Part 2 - Strategic Financial Management.


2. Course duration.


A. It is a short course duration can be completed within 6 to 9 months.


3. Exam level.


A. It's a single-level examination.


4. How many times exams are conducted during a year?


A. IMA conducts US CMA exams in three testing windows every year in India and all over the world. The testing windows are as below.


 January       -     February

 May              -     June

September   -     October


5. Mode of Examination.


A. Computerised based online exams in Prometric centers.


6. Paper order.


A. Paper can be taken in any order as per the candidate's wish.


7. Paper pattern.




Reqd. Passing %

Part-1 Financial Planning, Performance and Analytics



Part- 2 Strategic Financial Management





8. Time allotted for each Part?


A. 4 hours.


9. Question type, duration, marks, number of questions, average time per question.


A. The below table summarizes the exam questions:

Qns. Type        Duration        Marks        No of Qns.      Avg time/Qns.

    MCQ              3 hrs             375                 100                1.8 mins

    Essay             1 hrs             125                   2                   30 mins


Note - Candidates must secure an aggregate of 50% in MCQ in order to move to essay questions.


10. Exam passing score.


A. Exam passing score is 360 out of 500 for each part.


11. Overall passing %


A. Exam pass rates of over 40%.

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