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Corporate Financial Reporting (S.J) - Group-4 - CMA Final


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Relevant for - June 22 & Dec 22 exams.

Watch this video to know about the subject:

Number of lectures  - 116 (approx)

No of Books –   

Vol 1 –  Brahmastra– Self Study Multi-Coloured Handwritten Book covering all Intro,  Roadmap,  Sch3,  Financial Instruments,  Consolidation,  Business Combination,  Share-Based Payment. 

Vol 2 – Drone Charts (Multi-coloured) covering all other Topics. 

Vol 3 – AS Drone Charts - (Multi coloured) Covers As. 

Vol4 - QA Striker 2.0 Question Bank with 1300+ Solved and Unsolved QuestionsAdditional Question Bank.




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87.2 GB


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115 classes


Video lectures are recordings of CA Final FR which have been organized and rearranged as per the CMA Final CFR syllabus ensuring in-depth coverage of all topics. However, the following topics are not covered- GST Accounting, Triple Bottom-line Reporting, Reporting through XBRL, Government Accounting.

You can view videos only on laptop having Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8, 8.1, 10.

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You may avail the classes by sending your pen drive/HDD or by bringing your laptop to us or at any of our centre nearest to you.

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Each video may be played for 1.5 times.

The maximum validity of the course is one years from the date of activation of your course in your laptop.

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For details call 95845 10000 or 9229335060 (10am-6pm)


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