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Pen Drive Classes

No Time Clash, No Travelling Hassles

Convenience at your doorstep – Study at your Luxury and Peace



To study CA, CMA, CS, you basically have two options –

Option 1:  Take all classes under one roof

  • Wherein all subjects are never taught with highest quality and coverage or


Option 2: Take classes for Individual Subjects in different Coaching centres providing quality over their own subject

  • Wherein there is always a havoc of clash of timings with other subject tuition with hassles of commuting from one place to another to attend class of other subjects on the same day.


Problem 2 – 

With increasing content of syllabus for these exams, it’s really a stressful time spending in tuition with continuous extra classes.

Ultimately, you end up doing the Video Back Ups that are again scheduled as per Coaching class time availability like 5pm to 8 pm.


Problem 3 –

In sub-urban areas, the supply of coaching in itself is a severe constraint with challenges of

  • Affordability of travelling and lodging

  • Discomfort of environment

  • Cultural barriers

  • Learning in large capacity classrooms may not be convincing to all students




Convenience at your doorstep – Study at your Luxury and Peace

Through our Direct To Home – Pen Drive Based Classes


Comparative Advantages of Pen Drive Classes –

 Live ClassroomDigital Video Classes
Travelling Time and Cost YesNo
Hassles of missing a classYesNo
Classroom disciplineYesNo
Flexible Study timeNoYes
Study at own pace (Rewind or Pause)NoYes
Clash of Timings with other classesYesNo


How it works?


  • The classes are latest pre recorded videos given to you in Pen drives along with hard copy of Study Materials.

  • The videos from the pen drives can be then copied into a computer. You can then use the empty pen drives in your other work.

  • No Internet is required to play the videos. – The Best Advantage!

  • Watch the videos at your convenience.


Controls to ensure our content’s safety and to ensure sincerity:

  • Can be played only on one specific computer or laptop. (Not on any kind of Tab or Mobile phones).

  • Total views restricted to twice of total number of video files.

  • Validity of videos restricted to 1 year or your exam term due, whichever is earlier.

  • All other programs in your computer would automatically get closed during the time you are watching the videos.


How to buy?

  • Buy it online from by paying for any of the live class courses or payment at SJC Office. You may be charged extra for pen drives for which a separate payment link is sent.

  • Just mention in your billing note that you wish to get it delivered at your home.

  • On receiving the payment, we will dispatch the course materials and pen drives via a reputed courier service which will be delivered at your doorstep within 3-4 days.

  • Pen Drive Costs are charged extra. If you are able to send your pen drives or hard disk then pay the fees without pen drives.


Support System:

  • Hard-copies of study materials

  • Doubt solving over email, phone, webinar or visit to classroom

  • Study techniques and revision notes shared over email at regular intervals after due monitoring



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Our Courses are not available for booking through pendrives in the city, where our Franchisee Centre operates. Check Contact us page for the list of Centres. Dismiss