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About Us






We believe that learning should be fun and flipped the classical classroom environment. Why? Because our brain is most active when we are enjoying ourselves and we are more capable of absorbing and later recalling any information. In short, having fun gets us engaged, turning us into a well – oiled machine to achieve new levels of understanding. Our learners never feel the pain of learning. They have always enjoyed and will keep enjoying forever.




We believe in creating a learning environment where a learner is able to simulate itself in the psychological instance of the problem and find the most humanitarian solution. The method of finding the solution is what other calls - The Concept. Our aim is to never let any learner memorise but to help them become a problem-solver for themselves and for all, anytime, anywhere!




We blend technology in all our methods of imparting knowledge. Our infrastructure for Classroom is high-end and latest tech enabled. This has helped us to encourage the aspirants coming from urban locality to remote countryside to face the digitalism - the future of the world! We keep upgrading ourselves to upgrade our learners.



We make relationships – a lifelong network of relationships. A strong bond between our organization and its team members, team members and learners, learners and instructors and other learners is what we endorse. No one associated with our organization has renounced the rights of being a member and we had been closely rewarding all. This is how, we are not just an Institute but a Family of over 5000 people who takes care of one another; and this family keeps extending inexorably at a great pace.



We believe that learning should be effective in all its means. With a constant focus on getting results over 10 years, we have come along in leaps to become pioneers and develop an Integrated Socialised Online cum Classroom Learning with an outbound Learning Management System that learners actually want to use.



We aim to create a sustainable and healthy learning system whereby the aspirants learn as per their need of learning– formal or informal, at their own terms and flexibility so that nobody can ever excuse learning. Each one would love learning. With our platform, we envision to reaching every corners and make knowledge available and accessible to all.



We create values. All the content that we design are to educate about ethics and values of life, humanity and nature amidst a highly engaging pedagogic milieu involving technical problem-solving and an exam orientation approach. We believe in giving than in taking. In our endeavor to create the contents of this website, we proudly have a say –

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free

(Quoted: Rabindranath Tagore)


And this is not the end, we go further. Barely a month goes by without some exciting new development in our ecosystem and we are still aiming our sights at bigger, better and profounder things in the future.

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