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How to Study the Costing Subject Part 1

Costing is a difficult subject per se. There are ways that you can make it easy and scoring. Watch this video to learn more.


How to Study the Costing Subject Part 2

This video covers the basic concepts that one must know before they start learning the Costing Subject.


Cost Sheet 1

The new learning dimension of Costing.



Cost Sheet 2

Different varieties of sums solved using Cost sheet.


Overheads - Absorption Costing

No matter where you have taken tuition, you have to know Absorption Costing like this only to learn Costing. This video discusses the purpose behind existence of Cost Accounting and how Absorption Costing evolved through several stages of Costing techniques.


Generally Accepted Cost Accounting Principles 

An important concept to understand the Inclusions and Exclusions of Costing as per Indian best practices for any professional examination. Already in syllabus of CMA Inter and Final and now also getting included in CA syllabus as per latest syllabus.


Balanced Score Card

Balanced Score Card, as pioneered by Dr. Robert Kaplan in 1980s, serves a most important measure of Performance Analysis nowadays in every profit or non profit organisation. The four perspectives of a Balanced Score Card - Financial Perspective, Innovation and Business Process Perspective, Learning and Growth Perspective, Customer Perspective, its application, founders, and Case Studies Discussion.


Fixed Overhead Variances Concept Crush 

There cannot be any other simple and logical way to understand the Fixed Overhead Variance. This video will help you to understand the Marginal and Absorption Approach of Computing Fixed Overhead Variance and the responsibility analysis of Production Manager.


LP - Simplex - Introduction with full derivation and logic

Very helpful video for Students of MBA, CA and CMA Final to learn or revise the basics and core logic of Simplex Solution. Do not miss out the Bollywood film story inside it, made for simplification of Simplex solution and to be able to retain the steps in memory for  lifetime. 


Labour Costing - Introduction 

This video is an exhaustive explanation and discussion on concepts related to meaning and analysis of Labour, Labour Cost, Components of Labour Cost, Basic Wages System, Popular Bonus Schemes, Effective Earnings of Workers, Labour Cost Chargeable to Jobs and a few exercises on above.


Standard Costing Conceptualisation

Has Standard Costing threatened you? Have you found difficult to remember it's formulas? Do you always leave the topic for exams? After watching this video, you will become the Master of formula derivation. From the detailed analysis of Material Variances done here, the video assures that you would be able to derive all other related variances by your own. As per recent survey by CIMA (U.K.), more than 70% of large scale organisations use the standard costing principles to measure their performances. Many PSUs and MNCs hire skilled professionals who understand the variance principles from the core. You never know that this video may actually fetch you that job role. 


Throughput Accounting

Throughput Accounting or Theory of Constraints is the latest form of Costing technique pioneered by Dr. Eli Goldratt in USA and Galloway & Waldron in U.K in 1980s. It is also called as Theory of Bottleneck Operations. In this video, there are four illustrations along with six exercise problems that compares the traditional and throughput concept to show how the new concept has solved problems in the industry to gain an edge over their constraints.


Marginal Costing - Evolution

Here you will learn how marginal costing was evolved through traditional system of costing and what purpose it caters to the manufacturers in the modern world. A discussion that also explains the why the term Contribution  is used in Marginal Costing.  A very popular application of Marginal Costing concept is the launch of Reliance Mobile phones in India. It brought the revolution in telecom sector of the country, Won't you be interested now to find how they could achieve it?

Transfer Pricing - Main Concept of TP Computation in line with Goal Congruency

This discussion covers six different cases on two important concepts - First, Evaluation of Transfer from the view point of Investment Centre (H.O.) and Second, how to set the Minimum Transfer Price to be charged by the Transferor Division under Goal Congruency Concept - The back bone of the Transfer Pricing Model.


Crashing of a Project Network under CPM

Crashing means completion of project earlier than scheduled. It is considered one of the most important planning aspect in the field of Project Management and is equally important for exam purpose. This video is a fun frolic crashing. If you watch it just once, you would be able to solve any crashing problem without ever revising the concept. Do not miss to catch up the BANDOOK inside!


Primal and Dual of a Linear Programming Problem

This video will help you to understand the terms in the concept, the logic of its existence and a simplified approach to convert any Primal to Dual Problem and Vice versa.

Remember that both Primal and Dual belong to the same original problem. They are just two different angles to solve a particular problem.

This is an important topic for upcoming CA or CMA Final Examinations as it has been included in the Institute Material recently.

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