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Calculator Ninja Trick 912

Learn to calculate Sum of Present Values of a stream of Cash flows directly in calculator in minimum steps.


Calculator Ninja Trick No. 786

Want to learn how you can crack (0.16)^1/7 in Simple Calculator? Very useful trick to solve sums of FM in both Inter and Final Level.


Capital Budgeting 1

Watch this video to learn why Capital budgeting is required and what it is for.


Dividend Policy 1

This video will teach you the Objective of Studying Dividend Policy and How the Return on Investments made by the firm affects the Share Price of the Company on payment of Dividend using Walter's Model.



Dividend Policy 2

This video covers Gordon's Model, MM model with Proof, Residual Model and Lintner's Model of Dividend policy.


Time Value of Money Basics 

This covers- What is Value of Money, How it is affected with time and reasons thereof, Use in Financial Management, Compounding Approach and Discounting Approach and some Magical Calculator tricks to save your calculation time in exams.


Capital Structure Theory 1

This video covers the meaning of capital structure theory, basic assumptions, and different models of the theory.


Capital Structure Theory 2

Traditional or Residual Approach, Solution on Optimum Capital Strucure Determination with basic calculations on Value of Firm, Modigliani Miller Approach and its Proposition 1 - related to Arbitrage Process


Cost of Capital - Explicit and Implicit Cost 

The video will help you to learn the basics of the term Capital, Obligations associated with capital and Explicit and Implicit Cost of Capital. To learn the hard core basics and derivation of Explicit cost of capital watch the second video on cost of capital.


Cost of Capital - Explicit Cost Derivation

For your information, all cost of capital formula are derived from the relationship -

Future Value = Present Value (1+ r)^n.

The logic that you will get here in various case to case calculations will form the base of derivation of all the formulas of Kd, Kp and Ke in Cost of Capital. The exclusivity is that this concept is very rare to find in usual classes. 

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