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Three Important Exam Day Tips:

I have been directing on these continuously during my classes.

Do not forget to check out three important tips to be remembered before entering the exam hall. This tips are such that  – it can make you or break you!


1. Selection of Questions Use first 20 mins of Reading Time wisely. Don’t waste it in just reading the first question. Glance on each question and check which are your sure shot ones and which are your read and think ones. Make sure by the end of these 20 mins, you select your attempts.

2. Speed Management Right from the first answer, which are your sure shots, maintain speed in writing as if you are writing the last answer. Do not assume you have the luxury of time. Because, its not the first answer that creates impression, its the entire answer script that creates impression.


3. Time Management – 180 mins is all you have for 100 marks attempt. So, you have to ensure that every 18 mins spent is attempting 10 marks. Check your watch every 18 mins. If you have taken longer to answer for 10 marks, you need to cut it off in the subsequent one. Do not over justify your answers of lesser marks.

A reasonable standard is, therefore, 15 mins for 10 marks. At the end, if you have time, you can revise or complete any incomplete or may attempt extra. If you are attempting extra then don’t worry, examiner marks all but counts only the best of all.

For more motivation, check out  How to Pass .

Wish you all the success!

September 12, 2016

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